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Our ABACUS concept:

As service providers with conviction, all ABACUS institutes have jointly committed themselves to a code of ethics. You can find the most important excerpts here.

Individual treatment

Every single student is the focus. Our tutors respond individually to each student and their strengths and weaknesses.

High quality of tutors

When selecting tutors, important criteria are taken into account. These include, for example, qualifications and tutoring experience.

At eye level

The interpersonal aspect also plays a role in the selection of our tutors, as it contributes significantly to the success of the tutoring.

Solid stance

ABACUS attaches great importance to a clear (written) distancing of all tutors from cults or similar (e.g. Scientology).

This is how we make ABACUS tutoring a success

Effective one-on-one tutoring

Individual tutoring at home is ideal for solving school problems individually.

In this way we primarily help the students, but of course also you as a family. Internal anger, tensions and arguments can be reduced with the help of our tutoring.

Direct communication

In consultation with you and your child, our tutors can contact the school’s specialist teacher.

In this way, our tutors receive important information from a first source that is beneficial for teaching.

Useful accompanying measures

We also offer various accompanying measures to support you: vocabulary cards, class work, school books, etc.

Use your vacation wisely

With tutoring during the holidays, the student has the opportunity to catch up on the gaps in the material in peace.

A summer vacation quota of, for example, 4 double lessons (4x 90 minutes) is particularly useful with regard to the first class work/school assignments. It also makes it possible to start the new school year feeling stronger. If this quota is not requested, these hours will not be calculated.

Our ABACUS solutions for students

Short-term help in the form of ABACUS tutoring at home in order to complete a class test well can be useful for smaller gaps in the material. For larger deficits, we recommend regular support until the gaps in the material are closed again.

The ABACUS solution:  Strengthening self-confidence and individual tutoring can lead to a better grade in a class test in the short term. Your responsible institute director will know whether the short and quick ABACUS “fire brigade operation” makes sense or whether a medium-term strategy should be chosen.

According to a measurement by INFRATEST (Germany), the average grade of all ABACUS students improves from 4.2 (before the start of ABACUS tutoring) to 3.1 (after completion of ABACUS tutoring).

Overall, 91.4% of all ABACUS tutoring students  are happy  because they have successfully overcome their respective school hurdles.

The ABACUS solution: 
Intensive tutoring from ABACUS leads to an improvement in performance for 96.8% of all ABACUS students after just a short time.

Based on our more than 20 years of experience, we know exactly where to apply the lever. On the one hand, intensive, fast and competent help is of great importance. But we also know that the student’s cooperation is essential for success. Your responsible ABACUS institute will be happy to advise you. Simply write to us via our contact page.

Almost two thirds of our students want to overcome the “class goal” hurdle with the help of ABACUS tutoring.

The ABACUS solution: For success, it is particularly important that the tutoring begins quickly, that the individual gaps are worked through quickly and that the self-confidence of the tutor student returns.
Individual solutions are particularly important here: For example, it may be necessary to carry out tutoring 3 times per week until the next class test, and then reduce it to 1 time per week after the (hopefully successful) class test. As a first step, the responsible ABACUS institute director will advise you as quickly as possible to take stock of the grade situation and the technical gaps.

Illness, moving, family triggers or simply a “time out” (some parents also refer to it as “laziness”) cause gaps in the material that do not close on their own. Individual tutoring from ABACUS can provide valuable support here.

The ABACUS solution: Through the detailed analysis by the responsible ABACUS institute director in a joint preliminary discussion with parents and students, the gaps in the material are worked out together and a concept is developed that does justice to each individual situation.

The transition to secondary school is often a stressful time for students and parents. Individual tutoring from ABACUS can provide valuable assistance here: strengthen the student’s self-confidence and teach learning techniques. This not only helps to make the transition, but also to start with good grades in the new school.

The ABACUS solution:  Jumping over the “crossing” hurdle is promoted through targeted stress reduction, strengthening self-confidence and stabilizing performance. Individual tutoring from ABACUS is particularly suitable for this because it can incorporate the student’s individual requirements into the tutoring program. Further information on the subject of “transfer” can be obtained from your responsible institute director.

Around 15% of our tutoring students want to complete the BAC as best as possible in order to get a desired study or training place.

The ABACUS solution:
In order to pass the last exam at school well, it is particularly important to take the individual goals of the tutor student into account after the exam. Getting a commercial apprenticeship with a bad grade in business administration and accounting will certainly be difficult. Before the tutoring begins, your responsible ABACUS institute director also analyzes the plans after school graduation in order to create a coordinated, individual tutoring concept that makes it possible to overcome the hurdle of “graduating school” elegantly and at the same time provides a basis for the subsequent training phase.

The focus of our tutoring is on assistance in individual subjects (e.g. mathematics, physics, accounting, comptabilité, etc.), which is needed to pass vocational school or prepare for the master’s examination.

The ABACUS solution: Individual technical problems in the context of vocational training can best be resolved with the help of an individual approach. The hurdle of “vocational training” can be overcome with ABACUS individual tutoring.

Some of our tutors

At ABACUS we attach great importance to the choice of our tutors. Competence, empathy and the art of communicating are just some of the criteria. Get to know our hand-picked tutors! 


I have a master’s degree in physics, work as a physics teacher and offer tutoring in math and physics up to high school.

I have been at ABACUS for about 4 years. In my tutoring, I bring calmness, work in a structured manner and explain complex topics in a simple, understandable way.


I have been at ABACUS since 2022 and completed my high school diploma with a focus on languages. I’m currently studying German and philosophy and working part-time as a tutor.

My main subjects are German, French, English, (Luxembourgish), philosophy for both primary school (and other subjects) and high school.


I am a German and history student and have been with ABACUS since May 2021.

My subjects are German, philosophy and history, which I offer in the Mersch area and the surrounding area. I also provide care for children and young people.


I am in the 2nd year of my psychology degree and
graduated from high school in 2022 in the field of social and human sciences. I offer
tutoring in German from grades 1 to 11 (classique).
On technique I offer tutoring in German from grades 1 to 13
and French to grade 9. I offer the subjects of history,
psychology, sociology, pedagogy and mathematics from
grades 5 to 9 (classique) and from grades 10 to 13
in the field of social and human sciences.

Malou Wilmes

As a retired teacher, I have a lot of experience and enjoy supporting students with various learning difficulties. With a lot of calm and patience, I meet the students where they are and give them the support they need to achieve the desired academic level.

I am motivated and offer my help in the main subjects from cycle 2.1 to cycle 4.2 in primary school. I also like to help with the Enseignement Secondaire Général (ESG) in the subjects of French and German.


Graduate with a master’s degree in aerospace engineering.

I give tutoring in mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as other engineering sciences up to university level.

At ABACUS I discovered that it is often not the subject that is problematic, but rather the student’s organization. Tutoring is therefore combined with coaching in order to have fun with the subject.

ABACUS international

ABACUS operates in 6 European countries. We have been helping students across Europe improve their performance for over 30 years. 

Contact us

Your ABACUS institution manager in Luxembourg, Marco Bosch, is personally available to help you and answer your questions.