Get better grades with online tutoring

Maximum flexibility without compromises

Learning difficulties can be eliminated with online tutoring just as with traditional on-site tutoring.

Online tutoring even offers you and your child many advantages and can be a pro-argument when deciding to take advantage of it. The possibility of taking part in lessons regardless of location offers more flexibility for your and your child’s everyday life.

Due to the lack of travel time, tutoring can begin on time at any time and delays due to traffic jams or high traffic volumes are no longer an issue.

Furthermore, more unusual times are possible online and the chance of short-term, spontaneous lessons shortly before an exam is higher.

Participation possible via PC, laptop or tablet

Individual tutoring for optimal focus on your child

Lesson times can be arranged flexibly

Questions and answers about online tutoring

Apart from owning a PC or laptop, we don’t require anything for online tutoring. When it comes to programs, we base it on what your child prefers to use at school or for learning. Arrangements can be made directly with the tutor.

For online tutoring, our initial consultations take place via telephone or online via video chat.

You can generally arrange the individual dates for tutoring sessions directly with the tutor.

After you have decided on our tutoring institute, we will select the right tutor, who will contact you and your child and arrange the first appointment.

At the same time, you will receive information from us by email in which you will find the tutor’s contact details as well as the lesson plan and monthly cost breakdown.

In fact, our prices for online tutoring are staggered differently than for classic individual tutoring. Depending on the length, we charge our hours at EUR 59 for 60 minutes and EUR 69 for 90 minutes.

Get tutoring in 3 easy steps

Contact ABACUS

Nehmen Sie telefonisch, per Mail oder über das Formular Kontakt zu uns auf. 

Ihr persönlicher Ansprechpartner steht für Sie bereit. 

Preliminary discussion with the student and parents

Gemeinsam besprechen wir den Rahmen und erstellen Ihnen auf dieser Grundlage ein individuelles Angebot für den Nachhilfeunterricht.

One-on-one tutoring online

Tailored 1:1 online tutoring will improve your child’s grades. 

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Your ABACUS institution manager in Luxembourg, Marco Bosch, is personally available to help you and answer your questions.