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Which school subjects do our tutors offer?

Even if subjects such as mathematics, German or English are particularly popular, learning difficulties also occur in chemistry, physics, Latin etc.

As individual as the demands on tutoring are, the demands we place on our team of qualified tutors are just as high . It is important to us to offer you a wide range of school subjects for every type of school and thus to address each student individually.

We at ABACUS know what successful tutoring should look like and and can provide tutuoring in every area throughout Luxembourg.

Whether online or at home – benefit from our wealth of experience. Arrange a free initial consultation with us!

Other subjects:

School subject not included?

If you cannot find the subject you are looking for, please contact us – together we will find the right tutoring option and a competent tutor for you. 

In 3 steps to tutoring

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Preliminary discussion with the student and parents

Together we will discuss the framework and, on this basis, create an individual offer for you for tutoring.

Individual tutoring at home or online

Whether at home or online – tailored 1:1 tutoring is guaranteed to improve your child’s grades. 

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