Tutoring in German

“The "Genitiv" is the death of the "Dativ".”

“German language difficult language!” With its many tenses, articles and pronouns, German is one of the most complicated languages ​​in Europe – even for adults.

It is not without reason that it requires a lot of hard work at school and rigorous memorization of grammar rules. However, for many students it seems problematic to stick with it and be patient. Not least in the upper grades, where the analysis and interpretation of complex facts or poetry comes into play, some students despair.

But there’s no need to worry: Anyone who has mastered the basics, closed gaps in their knowledge and uses the tips and tricks of our tutors will find joy in this subject again – or at least won’t give up hope on Beethoven in the future.

German tutoring at home or online

The ABACUS concept primarily includes individual tutoring at the student’s home. Because learning is usually best done in familiar surroundings.

Since 2021, we also offer online tutoring in German and other subjects to make it even easier for you and give you maximum flexibility.

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When is the time for tutoring in German?

Learning difficulties in German and other subjects can already become apparent in the first few years of school .

The problem: If these are not taken seriously, they can have an impact on your later school career and are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Because the gaps in knowledge become larger and the basic understanding of German grammar eventually dries up completely. At some point it becomes impossible to gain a foothold in the German language, let alone speak it confidently.

Therefore, German tutoring can prove to be useful even in elementary school.

This means that your child not only has to catch up on less school material. Due to its age, it can also absorb and process more knowledge in a shorter period of time. So ask yourself whether your child has been having difficulty understanding the material for a long time.

The quicker your child becomes familiar with the basics of the German language, the easier it will be for them to apply what they have learned in everyday life.

Tutoring for all schools and sections:

Tutoring also for learning disabilities:

German tutoring for primary schools

In primary school, the basic knowledge is taught on which all further teaching content in secondary school is based on.

Our tutors provide support with German tutoring in the following subject areas:

German tutoring in secondary school

The first difficulties with German often arise shortly after graduating to secondary school. The sooner you can react to this, the easier it will be for your child to adapt to the new requirements. 

The most important topics at a glance:

We also offer support in exam preparation for graduation. 

Increase your child's German achievements.

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Individual tutoring vs. group tutoring

There is agreement in countless studies: individual tutoring is the most successful type of tutoringIt is a proven and effective concept.

We will explain to you the advantages of individual tutoring vs. group tutoring.

The main plus point is that the focus and entire attention of our tutors is on your child. Weaknesses and strengths can therefore be identified more quickly and used to achieve learning success and progress. In addition, learning difficulties can be resolved individually as the pace can be adjusted to your child’s pace.

In group tutoring or group lessons, the number of students inevitably leads to individual gaps in knowledge being overlooked, as  the teacher finds it difficult to do justice to each child.

The tutor cannot respond individually to each student in group lessons. If these failures happen more often, the goal of the tutoring will be missed. The difference to regular school lessons is then no longer given.

That’s why we are advocates of individual tutoring, where experienced tutors with the enthusiasm for teaching help your child get their learning difficulties under control and find fun in learning again.

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Group tutoring

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Individual tutoring at home or online

Whether at home or online – tailored individual tutoring will improve your child’s grades. 

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