Learning techniques: learning to learn

In addition to tutoring, it makes sense to deal with learning techniques. They can help you consolidate and better retain what you have learned. They are also designed to provide long-term support and can simplify complex topics.

People can build up implicit and explicit knowledge by taking in information, processing it and thereby storing it. He is then able to access the knowledge when necessary. In addition, he is able to help himself to retain knowledge – in principle, to apply learning techniques. 

However, not all learning techniques are suitable for every student. Everyone learns differently and it is therefore important to determine the type of learner in order to be able to choose the appropriate learning techniques. Our tutors have a wide range of expertise in this area and can help your child find the right learning path. 

It is often assumed that learning techniques are taught in school. Unfortunately, this is not always the case because the individual needs of each student make it difficult for the school to respond to everyone individually. Therefore, generally applicable learning techniques are taught. In addition, teachers’ attempts do not always attract interest from students. It is therefore important to motivate them and show them that the learning techniques have a positive impact and that learning to learn pays off.

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